Albertans Reject Denialism!

ForourGrandchildren will leave the analysis of the suprising results of the Alberta election to the political pundits.  We want to share some media comments on how the stand of the Wildrose Party on climate change influenced Alberta voters:

Globe and Mail Editorial

“The (Wildrose party) was hurt by the revelation that Ms. Smith (Party Leader) does not accept the global scientific consensus on climate change.”

Globe and Mail Front Page Story

“The campaign began to turn, however, with a series of gaffes in the bast week, including Ms. Smith’s statement that the science isn’t settled on climate change. “

National Post News Coverage

“And then there was Smith’s own bozo eruption when she insisted the jury was still out on the science of human-induced climate change. That got her loudly booed from the audience at a leaders’ debate hosted by CBC.

That may have been the turning point, the moment when Albertans wondered with some alarm what it would be like to have a premier who would potentially embarrass the province on the world stage by denying global warming. It wasn’t just the Province’s reputation at stake but also its economy that relies on exploiting, selling and shipping oil and bitumen from the tar sands.

Her party’s platform included the cancellation of laws, programs and government spending that would eliminate programs that would reduce GHG emissions.

The words she used were the sceptics and closet denialists mantra “the science is not settled”. Too bad for Smith that so many voters judged her by these remarks.   But how else could Alberta voters assess her understanding of the international politics of climate change, an issue that they seem to have regarded as important?

ForourGrandchildren was pessimistic regarding the outcome of the election. We were too influenced by pre-vote opinion polls that ultimately were proved to be wildly wrong.

Alberta is not Oklahoma North as one of our blogs suggested.   But there is still much convincing necessary before Alberta will align with the rest of Canada on climate change.

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