Project Beaver ranks Canada’s columnists

Many columnists comment on climate change.  Readers have to guess whose opinions they should rely on. Beaver proposes taking “a baby step by creating an award for the nationally-oriented Canadian newspaper columnist writing in English who has done the most to raise awareness about climate change. Ideally it would be annual, but until that time, just based on recent history, who would it be?”

Beaver catalogued 19 Canadian columnists whose writings frequently appear in Canadian newspapers into four categories:

Deniers (Denialists in the ForourGrandchildren vocabulary),

Dismissers (Sceptics in the ForourGrandchildren vocabulary),

Horse Racers (hmmm – we never thought of this classification) – they concentrate on the “race” tactics and not the result.

Progressives (those who recognize climate change but without a sense of urgency – there are too many other good causes out there!), and

the remainder (Beaver mentions only two ) – good columnists.

Beaver chose Jeffrey Simpson, whose positions on climate change have often been the subject of an FOG blog. Beaver also points out that Simpson’s small-c conservative qualifications show that the dividing line on the issue is not political. FOG agrees: by their very name conservatives should be committed to preservation of the fundamentals of Western civilization, and against threats to the continuance of these fundamentals.

Some well known names never got catalogued, although they often write for or appear on the media. Ezra Levant comes to mind. Perhaps his abrasive, abusive, close-minded approach means that is below recognition even at the bottom grade.

Perhaps he should be re-named Ezra Le Rant.

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