A Canadian Credibility Gap

In his State of the Union address, President Obama’s comments on what must be done to combat climate change have put Canada on the spot.  The Canadian and Alberta Governments have spared no expense in trying to persuade the US to approve TransCanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.   Now this long and costly campaign appears to be on the brink of failure. 

Not that our Governments will give up the struggle.  But the difficulty is that the issue will be judged by the US Administration in environmental and not economic terms.  The environment is one subject where Canada’s Government lacks credibility.  How can we hope to overcome that difficulty in the next several months? 

Hannah McKinnon, the National Program Manager of Environmental Defence, has addressed this lack of credibility in a recent blog. The paragraph  titles identify the subjects on which she comments give a good overview of her conclusions – conclusions that are well researched and supported by hyperlinks to public sources.  

  • Broken promises
  • Blocking clean energy at home and abroad
  • Dismantling science and science-based policy
  • Fighting a public relations battle rather than battling pollution
  • Closing the Credibility Gap
  • It’s not too late

 An excellent commentary that we highly recommend.  Read on!


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