A Politician’s Dilemma

The Canadian Government is striving to find a balance between the environment and the economy. The difficulty is that climate change risks to the environment have little correlation with economic risks. If the economy is maintained on the basis of advantages to the fossil fuel industry, there will be a political showdown that could result …

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“All at Sea”

As our previous blog explains, there is little relief from GHG emissions generated by air transport. What is the situation for ocean transport? The answer to this question: “All at sea! (to use a “salty” expression) Seven years ago the maritime transport industry, represented at Durban by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), told the COP Conference that …

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We can reduce our personal greenhouse gases

Traffic on city backdrop

This article appeared recently in the Peterborough Examiner. It points out that as individuals, our primary influence is over the almost 70 per cent of greenhouse gases that come from just residential heating and transportation, mostly automotive. It gives many suggestions how we, as individuals, can reduce these emissions by our own actions. Some of …

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Environmental Watchdogs

Environmental groups call on Canadian government to ensure oil and gas companies reduce their carbon emissions, just like everyone else The federal government must immediately close loopholes and rein in carbon emissions from oil and gas companies, say a broad cross- section of Canada’s major environmental groups. “True leadership in 2018 means having the courage …

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Divestment Now!

St. James Cathedral

Yes, liquidating pension fund investments in fossil fuel companies is not a popular course of action. The moral justification for doing so it clear:  the continued consumption of fossil fuels is dooming the earth that our grandchildren – and their grandchildren – will ultimately inherit. But on the practical level –- managers of these funds …

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