Taking the Politics out of Climate Change??

The columns of Margaret Wente are a gauge of the public recognition of climate change. Based on her commentary in the Globe (June 2011), 4RG concluded that she was a climate change denier. In December 2011 of another column demonstrated her denier status as she approved the decision by the Harper Government to ditch the …

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High School Students: Are you thinking about your future?

If you are, you are probably wondering how the effects of climate change will impact your life.  And – this is the most important question – what can you do to minimize these effects? High school students across Canada deserve a chance to make their voices heard.  That is why For Our Grandchildren is sponsoring …

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The times they are a changing!

Once upon a time Republicans and Democrat politicians agreed that climate change was real and the US had to take steps to reduce its impact. Now you cannot find a Republican campaigning for office who accepts the science on climate change. The last elected Republican of any stature who did, Jon Huntsman,  withdrew from the …

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Global Warming doesn’t mean “no more winter”!

The Polar Vortex (aka the Arctic Oscillation) has been the subject of comments in 4RG. Follow these links to see how 4RG has tracked changes in this generator of the cold weather North American has been experiencing this year.

Go to last year’s commentary on the winter of 2013 – the blog was based on articles from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the British Met Office.  Here is what we wrote:

 “. . . the Arctic Polar Jet Stream has gone “loopy”.  Usually the jet stream is a fast flowing high atmospheric air current found between air masses of significantly different temperature.  With the warming of the Arctic the temperature difference is less so the jet stream is weakening.   As it weakens, it starts to meander, looping to the South. The most recent atmospheric charts of the jet stream show significant loops.” [“Loopy”=1. full of loops. 2.Slang. a. eccentric; crazy; dotty . . . ]

Speaking of “ crazy” is there anything crazier than the Southern California experience of no rain for months ending with extreme rainfall from thunderstorms that brought mudslides, impassable roads, sinkholes, flash floods, power outages . . . you name it.  But according to TIME Magazine no relief from the drought conditions!

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Humans: Selfish or Compassionate?

Marks of Mission Are humans fundamentally selfish and greedy?  Or is there a spark of compassion in all of us that inspires sacrifice for the sake of others? The Anglican and Evangelical Churches of Canada have staked much on the expectation that Christians of this generation will be actively compassionate – towards generations to come.  …

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