Ontario Tories have no program to reduce carbon emissions! 

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Right after his election as leader of the Provincial Party, Doug Ford told Ontario voters that, if elected, the Tories will get rid of the cap and trade program aimed at reducing carbon emissions.  And he would will not allow a carbon tax in its place. Ford can advance two reasons for his determination to …

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Climate Change and the Party Leaders Debate!

Who won Thursday’s debate moderated by the Editor of the Globe and Mail: Harper, Mulcair or Trudeau?  That seems to be the only important conclusion to be drawn from the spectacle of these Leaders trading jibes and insults. All three knew what they wanted to say and somehow managed to say it, whether their remarks …

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“Weaker than it looks!”

Canada has just submitted to the UNITED NATIONS its independently nationally determined contributions (INDC) to the reduction of global GHG emissions. As usual, Canada’s submission included the buzz words “ambitious targets” and “decisive action”. The submission undertakes that Canada’s 2030 emissions will be 30% below 2005 emissions, a year when our country’s emissions were close …

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Aligning Canada’s ambition

As required by the Kyoto Protocol Russia recently delivered its formal statement  on future GHG emissions.  Essentially Russia told the UN Secretariat that it would do nothing to curb emissions until 2030. Russia expects a free ride over those intervening years Canada must also advise the Secretariat of its targets for reduced emissions.  According to …

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A one-line blog that says it all!

We have to thank the Edmonton Journal for the ultimate description of Canada’s record in cutting GHG emissions: “Though our icefields are melting fast, our action on climate change has been glacial.”   If you want to see what this glacier looked like 90 years ago, click to see this Edmonton Journal commentary and photo.