A “Wall”-a-buster

The Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, recognizes the seriousness of climate change.Even so he is against the Federal Government’s proposal to reduce CO2 emissions that are the cause of climate change.  Wall opposes  the Federal policy to put a price on carbon, whether it is by a carbon tax or by cap and trade. He …

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Academic Report on the tar sands

  Three years ago, the Harper Government requested the Council of Canadian Academies to assess how technology could reduce the environmental impact of oil-sands production, projected to more than double by 2030. A Council Panel very recently released its report. It concluded that fossil fuel companies working the tar sands needed to take urgent action …

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RENEWABLES aren’t enough

The title of this blog was the headline for another Margaret Wente column that pushed us to write a qualifying commentary.  The key sentence in her column that triggered our doubt was: “. . . today’s renewable energy technologies won’t save us from climate change – and we’re wasting our time trying.  . . . That’s the …

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More Bang for our Buck

This summer I had a thoroughly pleasant morning with an old friend at the Fredericton Saturday farmers’ market. Steve stopped to chat with friends wherever he turned, we bought provisions, and I bought a few gifts for my family. I was intrigued by the number of people wearing yellow t-shirts with the logo you see at …

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Climate Change: Key to Canada’s 2015 Federal Election

Our last blog, A Ray of Hope, suggested that the Federal Government might become active on renewable energy after two years of indifference.   What is the basis for this optimism?

First, the Ontario Liberals, who have been very active in promoting renewable energy, now have a comfortable four-year mandate.  The Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Glenn Murray, understands the importance and challenges of renewable energy better than any Federal Minister.

Secondly, Quebec, a Province where a great majority of people have constantly supported mitigation of climate change, now has a Liberal Government that intends to move forward on this neglected area.

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