Climate Scientists – Doctors of the Climate

The IPCC’s fifth assessment report strengthens the overwhelming majority opinion of scientists working in the area that humans are responsible for climate change.

More than 97% of physicists, engineers, mathematicians, climatologists and geologists working on climate agree on two things: humans are generating large quantities of carbon dioxide and that this carbon dioxide traps heat in our atmosphere leading to global warming.

If you polled physicians, biologists, geneticists and pharmacologists who study the effects of cholesterol there would be about a 97% consensus that elevated cholesterol causes heart disease. People generally tend to take these findings very seriously; changing their diet, increasing their daily exercise and even taking medications to lower cholesterol and mitigate against its harmful effects.

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Canada reacts to the 5th Assessment Report

The public cannot expect a fair and objective press release issued in the name of a Conservative Cabinet Minister. Read our blog: Canadian Government Press Releases=”Spin”.

Fortunately, our Government could not “muzzle” the Environment Canada scientists who contributed to the IPCC 5th Assessment Report.  This Report sets out the current physical science that explains why we are experiencing global warming.

So an Environment Canada scientist, who is a co-ordinating author of the IPCC report, has given us the message that the Assessment Report confirms that the evidence is clear: global warming is occurring – and that humans are the main cause.

“Evidence for a warming climate is getting stronger and stronger, and the evidence of the influence of human activities on that climate change is getting stronger and stronger,” said Gregory Flato, an Environment Canada scientist and manager of the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis. The effects of climate change impact countries like Canada most strongly, he said.

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What PR Problem?

“Climate’s Big PR Problem” is the title of Margaret Wente’s column on the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  This just-released report sets out the physical science behind climate change. Ms. Wente claims that the world has stopped warming up, which she describes as “a monumental PR headache for the IPCC. …

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