The Arctic Polar Jet Stream has gone “loopy”!

In the latter half of March Canadian weather was cold – in the case of the Prairies extremely cold! Surprisingly the settlements on Baffin Island were experiencing relatively mild weather.     One could say that North American weather was turned upside down:  some southern Canadian regions were very cold while Arctic regions were milder. Or, to be more precise, record cold in Saskatchewan and record high temperatures in Nunavut.

In the UK things were so bad that a family member complained to us about the March climate miseries, which were threatening to crack her stiff upper lip. Easter was the coldest ever recorded in the UK, more than 20 degrees below average, and the month of March was the second coldest in 100 years of record keeping. The Met Office extended their Cold Weather Alert Service, which usually finishes at the end of March, by an additional two weeks because of the unrelenting bad weather. The Daily Telegraph thought up the headline: “It’s snowing and it really feels like the beginning of a mini-ice age”.

Robert Browning wrote:

“Oh to be in England, now that April’s here!”

Unfortunately April is predicted to be a month much colder than the average.

Why this weird weather?

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The Doha Conference– Canada’s Credibility (2)

In our last blog we referred to the assessment of Climate Tracker, an internationally recognized Non-Government Organization, of Canadian Government estimates of progress to meeting reduction targets for Greenhouse gases. Saturday’s Globe & Mail has an article about the risk that Arctic warming presents to polar bears.  The Commission of Environmental Cooperation, established under the …

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“Chasing Ice”

Last night we saw the Oscar Award Winning Documentary “Chasing Ice” by National Geographic Photographer James Balog. Although previously a climate change sceptic, Balog had witnessed the transformation of the Arctic, and so set about to record changes in glaciers in North America. Perhaps Balog was prodded into action by the virulence of the denial …

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“Climate breakdown is right here, right now.”

Almost two years ago, ForourGrandchildren noted that the Arctic is the fastest-warming region on the planet.  The study quoted in our blog stated that as sea ice melts, darker ocean water is exposed. A darker surface absorbs more heat, and this additional energy then melts more ice, setting in motion a self-reinforcing feedback. For the whole …

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Removing the weather wrapping from climate change

Canadians have watched our TV weather reporters with their moving images of fronts, lines of pressure and varying coloured charts that made daily weather changes very visible. We listened why the balmy temperatures we were experiencing would change to frigid within twenty four hours. We gathered that the cause of this change was an invasion …

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