News Flash – The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the first part of its Fifth Assessment Report today, Friday, September 27.  Earlier this summer we commented on the science that underlies this lengthy report. 

Climate Action Network Canada points out that the report shows with greater certainty than ever that climate change is real, caused by human activity and requires urgent action. The report shows that it is certain that the earth is getting warmer, precipitation pattern are changing sea levels are rising, sea ice and glaciers are melting and oceans are acidifying, with serious consequences for our communities, environments and economies.

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A Public Resource to be shared!

A Toronto environmentalist, Peter Shepherd, noted that information on the Environment Canada Website had disappeared.  So last May he wrote to Peter Kent, the previous Federal Minister of the Environment, asking why Environment Canada had removed a series of Climate Trends and Variations Bulletin from its Website. At the time of his letter the 2012 …

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The biggest ever?

In 2012 we tried not to be alarmist about the circumstance that tornadoes and hurricanes are deadlier and more frequent that in previous years.  We acknowledged that there was a lot that meteorologists did not know about the formation of these extreme weather events.  After reading scientific information about the formation of tornadoes, we concluded that climate change was a contributing factor to their formation and destructive power.

We wrote three blogs on the subject that you might like to review before reading our comments on the 2013 tornadoes, written after review of more recent scientific commentary on this outbreak.

Spring in January?
March 12, 2012 on Twister Alley
Tornadoes and Climate Change

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CFC’s and Cosmic Rays are to blame!

In 2010 4RG commented on the research of a University of Waterloo Scientist under the title “Who says that the science was settled?”   Here are the observations in our blog:

“Andrew Bolt, an Australian commentator whose words appeared in the Herald Sun, headlined his commentary on the research of Qing-Bin Lu, a Waterloo University Professor of Physics and Astronomy with these words.  Mr. Bolt has written even more scathing remarks about those who consider climate change a risk to the Earth.  Another of his columns was headed “Climategate: A Warmist Conspiracy Exposed?

Let’s stick with the work of Professor Qing-Bin.  His findings are that CFC’s have contributed more to climate change than CO2 emissions, a finding that does not agree with other research. That conclusion in itself does not suggest that there is no climate change, and that CO2 is not a contributor to this change. His work suggests that with the banning of CFC’s the risk has been reduced.

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For Our Grandchildren (4RG) and public opinion

Many North Americans believe that the public only recently recognized the issue of climate change, thanks to campaigners such as Al Gore who released his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2003. Gore has been criticized for what is claimed to be an exaggerated presentation of what is really “natural variability”. These critics point out that the …

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