Tar sands spills. Take time to write this letter!

We are still trying to obtain information regarding potentially toxic spills from the Tar Sands operations.  Now our concern extends to another spill from Suncor two years ago that was not made public until very recently.

We invite visitors to the 4RG Site to send a letter to Diana McQueen, the Alberta Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Resource Development pointing out that you and other concerned Canadians need more information before you will accept excuses for this spill.

You may wish to use the following text as a model for our letter.

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Tar Sands Toxic (?) water spill!

Tar Sands Toxic (?) water spill! We have previously referred to Panel sponsored by the Walter Gordon Foundation at which Scott Vaughn, the former Climate Change Commissioner, and David Manning, the Representative of the Alberta Government in Washington, spoke.  On many topics their views diverged, but on one topic they agreed. The Federal and Alberta …

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