Disappearance of a Canadian Institution: Part 2

Here is the story so far: the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NTREE ) made arrangements to transfer its 25 years of records to Sustainable Prosperity, a national research network based in the University of Ottawa, which would make them available on the Web.  Peter Kent, Canada’s Minister for Environment, countermanded …

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Eye Openers!

The Munk School of Global Affairs Program on Water Issues sponsored a Briefing by Scott Vaughan, Federal Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Office of the Auditor General of Canada and Neil Maxwell, his successor, and Jean Cinq-Mars, the Quebec Sustainable Development Commissioner.   Gordon Miller, the Ontario Commissioner of the Environment, also attended and gave the Ontario perspective on issues presented by his colleagues.

The briefing session was attended by representatives of industry, consultants, environmental organizations, environmental lawyers and members of the media. I attended as a representative of For Our Grandchildren (4RG).

The remarks of Messrs. Vaughan and Maxwell focused on five current issues: Offshore oil and gas production (the independent examination by the Commissioner’s office was the first in 20 years);  Financial Guarantees supporting the restoration of contaminated mine sites no longer in operation;  the risks of “Fracking”; Fossil fuels subsidies; and Marine Protected areas.

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So what are the costs of global warming?

Our most recent blog pointed out that the costs of extreme weather events have not – at least to our knowledge – ever been clearly incorporated into the costs of Global Warming. A report released this week by the Carbon Disclosure Project, a British non-profit group that gathers information on the environmental policies of large …

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Quebec election 2012 and GHG emissions

Public opinion in Quebec is solidly behind the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG).  As evidence of this support, let’s consider the party platforms in yesterday’s election.  There was very little debate on the subject in the actual campaign, probably because there was very little to choose between the positions taken by the parties. The defeated Liberal Government was …

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“Business as Usual”

The Senate Committee on Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment delivered its Final Report today. Any assessment of the Final Report  should start with “Attention Canada:! Preparing for our Energy Future”, an Interim Report released by the Committee in 2010.  The Interim Report  stated: “The message is clear: there is urgent need for a national discussion on …

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