“Canada’s miss on emissions.


Jeffrey Simpson is one of our favourite columnists.   Read his article in today’s Globe (An unambitious emissions target we won’t even hit) that should be compulsory reading for all voters. Here are some excerpts from his column: “Being the Environment Minister in the Harper government is political purgatory. The environment generally, and greenhouse-gas emissions reduction … Read more…

An election year opinion poll.

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In a recent poll by Nanos Research, a majority of Canadians ranked Canada’s performance in reducing GHG emissions as “poor” or “very poor”.  And a large majority want the Federal Government to take the lead in crafting tax policies that will cut emissions. But when it came to the question what form these taxes might … Read more…

Support for a Carbon Tax


The  2008 election rejected the Liberal party that campaigned on the promise to levy a carbon tax that would reduce Canada’s carbon footprint.   Since then Carbon Tax has been below the political radar, but  a short while ago 4RG sensed that the subject was ready for polite society.   Our blog pointed out developments in the … Read more…

Our Federal Government:  Wayne Gretsky in reverse

Wayne Gretsky

Most Canadians know Number 99’s famous one-liner: “I SKATE TO WHERE THE PUCK IS GOING TO BE, NOT WHERE IT HAS BEEN!” Why quote our famous Wayne in a climate change blog?  To emphasize the wrong-headedness of our Federal Government that is doing everything it can to increase and market Canada’s production of fossil fuels.  … Read more…

A misguided policy

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The Canadian Government has used a number of catch phrases to legitimize its support of fossil fuels.  The Government described its environmental monitoring and regulation of the tar sands as “world-class”, also referring to Canada in this context as “a world leader”.  Although the international community recognized these words as meaningless hype, many Canadians were re-assured that environmental risks were under control.

The value of Canadian dollar, also known as our petrodollar, soared.  Most Canadians considered that this development validated the goal of Canada as “an energy super-power”.

The Canadian Government countered criticism that an inflated dollar was detrimental to Canada’s manufacturing base. Supported by the Alberta Government and the fossil fuel industry, it emphasized that the exploitation of the tar sands resulted in substantial purchases of goods and services from suppliers in other Provinces.

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Climate Change: Key to Canada’s 2015 Federal Election


Our last blog, A Ray of Hope, suggested that the Federal Government might become active on renewable energy after two years of indifference.   What is the basis for this optimism?

First, the Ontario Liberals, who have been very active in promoting renewable energy, now have a comfortable four-year mandate.  The Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Glenn Murray, understands the importance and challenges of renewable energy better than any Federal Minister.

Secondly, Quebec, a Province where a great majority of people have constantly supported mitigation of climate change, now has a Liberal Government that intends to move forward on this neglected area.

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