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4RG Meets – Climate Collaboration

2024-03-11 19:00:00

There are an impressive number of organizations in the Peterborough-Nogojiwanong area that are committed to climate action. This 2 part 4RG Meets will feature a panel presentation of up to a dozen different groups from our region, highlighting their successes in fostering change, and exploring opportunities for networking, collaboration, and mutual support. Half of the organizations will present on March 11th, and the other half on May 13th. All are welcome. Register HERE
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Hopeful Stories

Here are some recent stories in the news that encourage us with the progress that is shown to be possible in concrete actions to address the climate crisis. Find more hopeful stories here.

Heat your home with electricity? Great news!

Do you currently use electricity to heat your home? If you do, we have some excellent news. You may qualify for a free heat pump – that can cut your heating costs in half – from Ontario’s Save on Energy program. Households with moderate or low incomes can get a … Read More on 4RG

China added more solar panels in 2023 than US did in its entire history

China installed a larger amount of new solar capacity in 2023 than the total amount ever installed in any other nation, contributing to its already dominant position in the global renewable energy landscape, reports Bloomberg. According to the national energy administration (NEA), China added 217 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity … Read More on 4RG

NDP calls for ban on ‘misleading, deceptive’ fossil fuel ads

Federal New Democrats say it’s time for Canada to do to the fossil fuel industry what it did to tobacco companies by banning misleading ads that market the industry as offering a solution to climate change. The NDP’s natural resources critic Charlie Angus tabled a private members bill (C-372) in the House of Commons … Read More on 4RG

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Outrageous Stories

Here are some recent stories from the news that alarm us with outrageous decisions by governments and businesses along with the dreadful results for the climate. Find more outrageous stories here.

Alberta to ban renewables on ‘prime’ land and preserve ‘pristine viewscapes’

Alberta will block renewable energy projects on “prime” agricultural land and limit the placement of wind turbines to preserve “pristine viewscapes”, a decision that increasingly pits the western Canadian province against environmental groups pushing green energy – and the companies investing in it. The decision, announced by the premier, Danielle … Read More on 4RG

The Ford government kneecaps provincial energy regulator

In a move that would effectively strip the regulator of its arms-length role, Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government is tabling new legislation to overrule the provincial energy regulator in a move worth billions of dollars that benefits gas giant Enbridge. If passed, the Keeping Energy Costs Down Act would give … Read More on 4RG

LNG Carries 2.7x the Climate Impact of Coal, Howarth Warns, as U.S. Pauses Approvals

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) carries up to 2.7 times the global warming impact of burning coal, according to a draft science paper released on the heels of U.S. President Joe Biden’s landmark decision to apply a climate test to a massive, new LNG export terminal in Louisiana. The report by … Read More on 4RG

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Local Stories

Here are some recent stories of actions that local Peterborough citizens have taken to address the climate crisis.

YLS Imagines Peterborough in 2044

Peterborough’s Youth Leadership in Sustainability (YLS) class has prepared two minute video vignettes, describing the fabulous city they live in in 2044, after 20 years of ambitious and creative action by the City – all initiating from the progressive work the City did on their 2024 Climate Action Plan Update. Their videos were presented at … Read more

Investing in Solar

Connie McKracken, a stalwart pioneer of For Our Grandchildren, has long dreamed of getting solar panels on her home. Read how she and her husband, Dave recently turned their home in Peterborough into a solar-powered generator.

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