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4RG Reads! Books That Inspire Climate Action – 11 December 2023

2023-12-11 19:00:00

With so many environmental books to choose from, wouldn’t it be nice to hear from some of your fellow climate activists as they share a brief summary of their favorite, most inspirational, most eye-opening climate change books?  Join us December 11 to hear just that.

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Hopeful Stories

Here are some recent stories in the news that give us hope with the progress that is being made in concrete actions to address the climate crisis.

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Alarming Stories

Here are some recent stories from the news that alarm us with outrageous decisions by governments and the dreadful results for the climate.

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Local Stories

Here are some recent stories of actions that local Peterborough citizens have taken to address the climate crisis.

Linda Slavin’s Story Of Climate Action in Peterborough

This is a long story starting in 2005 when I first heard of a group at Trent University led by Professor Stephen Hill who were doing sustainability research.  I sat in on several meetings. It became obvious that a wider community presence was necessary if we were to make changes. I decided to run in … Read more

Message to MPP Smith – Save the Catchacoma Forest and Preserve the Green Belt

On November 6 a delegation of 10 intrepid 4RG members brought to Dave Smith MPP for Peterborough the following message: Save the Catchacoma Old-Growth Forest The 662-hectare Catchacoma Forest is the largest known old-growth hemlock forest in Canada, and a habitat for several endangered species with other, important ecological values. Not least of these is … Read more

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