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For Our Grandchildren’s mission is to engage and mobilize our community to take effective action to combat climate change.  In relentless pursuit of this mission, we will advocate/enlist support from our local governments and collaborate effectively with like-minded community organizations.

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  • Peterborough County Climate Emergency
    Categories: Peterborough
    On Wednesday, June 24, representatives from 4RG and PYE presented the motion below to Peterborough County to study the possibility of declaring a climate emergency. The motion passed with no changes after a long and largely positive discussion.There was only one vote against, because that [Read More...]
  • Nature books for this time of crisis
    Categories: Book Review, Peterborough
    “Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting.” — Mary Oliver, “Wild Geese” From all accounts, nature seems to be doing just fine as human activity has been dialed down in recent months. In fact, the [Read More...]
  • Students Urge School Boards to declare Climate Emergency
    Categories: Actions, Optimism, Peterborough
    On Tuesday February 25, students from Peterborough Youth Empowerment made simultaneous presentations to school board trustees from two local school boards. Their presentations were based in part on strategies that they developed at a forum in January at which they heard remote presentations from a [Read More...]
  • Peterborough shows up on Parliament Hill
    Categories: Actions, Peterborough
    On February 21 a contingent of Peterborough supporters from PACA and 4RG made the trek to Ottawa to support John O’Brien’s Green Gramps on the Hill vigil on Parliament Hill. We were joined by Janet McCue and her sister who drummed and sang in support. We had prepared for support from [Read More...]
  • Help Wanted in the fight against Climate Change
    Categories: Actions, Activism, Peterborough
    We are asking if and how you want to be more involved with climate action through For Our Grandchildren. At present, our somewhat fluid organizing committee of about 12 members includes Trish Campbell, Kate Grierson, Guy Hanchet, John Harnett, Jan Laurie, Connie McCracken, Drew Monkman, David and [Read More...]

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