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Seniors Climate Action Day 2024

Seniors Climate Action Day 2024

2024-10-01 08:00:00

4RG is joining with over 40 groups across Canada in Seniors Day of Climate Action to take place on October 1. Stay tuned to this page as details develop.

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Hopeful Stories

Here are some recent stories in the news that encourage us with the progress that is shown to be possible in concrete actions to address the climate crisis. Find more hopeful stories here.

Hydro-Québec Unveils New 3,000-MW Wind Farm

Hydro-Québec has announced partnerships with two Indigenous communities and a regional government in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region that will open the door to a C$9-billion wind farm, a first major step in the mammoth utility’s plan to triple its wind power capacity by 2035 and wean the province off fossil fuels. … Read More on 4RG

Oil Worker’s Job Shift Shows Opportunity in Clean Careers

An oil sands worker who drilled his way into the geothermal industry is just one example of how the clean energy transition is creating new opportunities for the Canadian work force, now supported by the Sustainable Jobs Act. Tyler Bleck said he started working in the oil sands for the … Read More on 4RG

Renewable Energy Growth Outpaces Fossil Fuels

New wind and solar installations outpaced all other additions to the global energy mix in 2023, and clean energy investments are projected to exceed US$2 trillion in 2024, accounting for two-thirds of global energy investment. The significant wind and solar gains are among several “record highs in an energy hungry … Read More on 4RG

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Outrageous Stories

Here are some recent stories from the news that alarm us with outrageous decisions by governments and businesses along with the dreadful results for the climate. Find more outrageous stories here.

One whole year above 1.5

The PR pros will tell you not to bother talking about arcane topics like 1.5 degrees — no normies understand the significance, and it just sounds like a little-bitty thing, anyway. They’re probably right. And maybe that explains why we just lived through the first full year above 1.5 C … Read More on 4RG

Big Oil’s fierce pushback against truth-in-advertising rules

New truth-in-advertising rules requiring that a company’s commitments to climate action be accurate have set off a firestorm in Canada’s oil and gas industry, triggering some of the largest fossil fuel giants to scrub their websites and issue legal notices backtracking on previous claims. Amendments to the Competition Act to … Read More on 4RG

Gas Industry Front Group Keeps Pitching LNG after Ad Council Tells It to Stop Greenwashing

A self-styled grassroot group that has received significant fossil fuel industry funding is continuing to run ads claiming that liquefied natural gas (LNG) “will reduce global emissions,” despite a watchdog council’s ruling in January that the ads amount to greenwashing. Though the ruling by Ad Standards Canada was issued months … Read More on 4RG

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Local Stories

Here are some recent stories of actions that local Peterborough citizens have taken to address the climate crisis.

4RG At Lakefield Jazz Festival

Thank you to the team of 4RG members who spent time spreading the word about climate change yesterday at the Lakefield Jazz Festival. We all enjoyed the opportunity to engage with people who were somewhat interested and also to listen to some fun music and lounge around with neighbours in a relaxed atmosphere. The donations … Read more

Peterborough Repair Cafe Helps to Reduce Waste and Fight Climate Change

You know that favorite shirt of yours with the missing button and torn seam? Or that coffee grinder that is still perfectly good but seems to be jammed? You hate to throw them out because they’re still in good shape and have lots of life in them and you don’t want to add more junk … Read more

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