Welcome to For Our Grandchildren

We hope you will examine the Good News Stories that we collect from around the world so you can see what is possible. We hope you will look at the Bad News Stories that may outrage you into taking action. But most of all we want to guide you to some actions that you can take to make a difference.

Monthly Action

Every month For Our Grandchildren will select an appropriate action for the month and direct you to resources with details about how you can act.

For February and March we think that lobbying your MP on the inadequacies of the Climate Accountability Act (Bill C-12) is the most effective way you can spend your energy. We suggest that you consult the For Our Kids action by pressing the green link below.

Hopeful News

Stories from around the world that give us hope with the progress that is being made in concrete actions to address the climate crisis.

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Alarming News

Stories from around the world that alarm us with outrageous decisions by governments and the dreadful results for the climate.

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