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Hopeful Stories

Here are some recent stories in the news that encourage us with the progress that is shown to be possible in concrete actions to address the climate crisis. Find more hopeful stories here.

House of Commons Adopts Sustainable Jobs Act

The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act, Bill C-50, finally passed the House of Commons late Monday, after a 12-hour voting marathon triggered by more than 100 amendments put forward by the Conservative opposition. The Conservatives had sought to block the bill by bringing forward an overwhelming number of amendments that would create an … Read More on 4RG

Senior Swiss women prevail in landmark climate case at Europe’s human rights court

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Tuesday in favour of a group of elderly Swiss women who had argued that their government’s inadequate efforts to combat climate change put them at risk of dying during heatwaves. The European court’s decision on the case, brought by more than … Read More on 4RG

Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales Have Peaked in Canada

Reducing emissions from the transportation sector is critical to meeting Canada’s climate targets. Transportation is the second largest source of carbon emissions in Canada, with over half of those coming from passenger vehicles. Addressing these emissions will require Canadians to swap their gas cars with electric vehicles (EVs), while also using more transit and … Read More on 4RG

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Outrageous Stories

Here are some recent stories from the news that alarm us with outrageous decisions by governments and businesses along with the dreadful results for the climate. Find more outrageous stories here.

Ford government won’t make electric vehicle chargers mandatory in new homes despite championing EV industry

After lobbying from developers who said EV plugs add $500 to the cost of a new house, Ford will not reverse its controversial decision to pull the plug on mandatory electric vehicle chargers for new homes despite spending billions to subsidize EV production. As Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives update … Read More on 4RG

World’s biggest economies pumping billions into fossil fuels in poor nations

The world’s biggest economies led by Canada, Japan, and South Korea,  have continued to finance the expansion of fossil fuels in poor countries to the tune of billions of dollars, despite their commitments on the climate. The G20 group of developed and developing economies, and the multilateral development banks they … Read More on 4RG

‘Bewildering’ to omit meat-eating reduction from UN climate plan

The omission of meat-eating reduction from proposals in a UN roadmap to tackle the climate crisis and end hunger is “bewildering”, according to academic experts. The group also criticised the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s report for “dismissing” the potential of alternative proteins, such as plant-based meat, to reduce the … Read More on 4RG

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Local Stories

Here are some recent stories of actions that local Peterborough citizens have taken to address the climate crisis.

4RG Presentation on Bill 165

On Tuesday, April 9, I presented to the Standing Committee on the Interior in opposition to Bill 165. On behalf of For Our Grandchildren, I explained why Ontario should allow the Ontario Energy Board’s ruling which cancels subsidies to Enbridge to stand. While 4RG is motivated to protect the climate by reducing carbon pollution, we … Read more

Fossil Fools Day Protest

On Saturday 4RG joined a national day of protest against RBC’s continued investment in fossil fuel infrastructure. Here are some photos we took at the event and coverage of the event in the Peterborough Examiner. https://thepeterboroughexaminer.pressreader.com/article/281505051247334 https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news/peterborough-region/peterborough-protesters-target-rbc-during-fossil-fools-day/article_df0a1380-8950-5a07-aabe-2dd6e5c714e1.html

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