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Climate Aligned Finance Phone Zap

Climate Aligned Finance Phone Zap

2024-06-10 19:00:00

Join a PhoneZap and support the Climate-Aligned Finance Act (Bill S-243, currently before the Canadian Senate).

Together we will take half an hour to send a barrage of phone messages to selected MPs and Senators.

Speaking points and support will be provided.

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Hopeful Stories

Here are some recent stories in the news that encourage us with the progress that is shown to be possible in concrete actions to address the climate crisis. Find more hopeful stories here.

I understand climate scientists’ despair – but stubborn optimism may be our only hope

Christiana Figueres writes that a sense of despair is understandable, but it robs us of our agency, makes us vulnerable to mis- and disinformation, and prevents the radical collaboration we need. She argues that we have the responsibility – and the opportunity – to shape the future differently. We must … Read More on 4RG

Electricity from clean sources reaches 30% of global total

Solar and wind energy grew quickly enough in 2023 to push renewables up to 30% of global electricity supply and begin pushing fossil fuels off the power grid, the Ember climate consultancy concludes in a report released May 8. The report projects that fossil-fuelled electricity generation will decline 2% next … Read More on 4RG

Despite backlash, bans on gas use in new buildings keep spreading

In Canada, some cities in British Columbia have implemented their own bans on gas hookups in new developments, Victoria among them. Come October, a ban will come into effect in Montreal on gas-powered heating systems, stoves and water heaters in most new buildings. No municipalities in Ontario have implemented similar … Read More on 4RG

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Outrageous Stories

Here are some recent stories from the news that alarm us with outrageous decisions by governments and businesses along with the dreadful results for the climate. Find more outrageous stories here.

Carbon Dioxide Just Took an Ominous, Record-Breaking Jump

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory just captured an ominous sign about the pace of global warming. Atmospheric levels of planet-warming carbon dioxide aren’t just on their way to yet another record high this year — they’re rising faster than ever, according to the latest in a 66-year-long series of observations. Carbon … Read More on 4RG

Doug Ford’s Enbridge ‘scandal’ must be investigated

The Ontario Green Party and environmental groups are calling for an investigation into Premier Doug Ford’s government’s decision to override an independent regulator to help Enbridge lock-in gas customers for decades to come. In a May 7 letter to Ontario auditor general Shelley Spence, Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner … Read More on 4RG

Climate scientists terrified but determined to keep fighting

This truly terrifying piece in The Guardian shows that most climate scientists do not think that the Paris goal of 1.5 degrees C is achievable. Many think that we are well on our way to a 3 degrees future in this century. In spite of their hoplessness they are still … Read More on 4RG

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Local Stories

Here are some recent stories of actions that local Peterborough citizens have taken to address the climate crisis.

Peterborough Repair Cafe Helps to Reduce Waste and Fight Climate Change

You know that favorite shirt of yours with the missing button and torn seam? Or that coffee grinder that is still perfectly good but seems to be jammed? You hate to throw them out because they’re still in good shape and have lots of life in them and you don’t want to add more junk … Read more

For Our Grandchildren are hometown climate change heroes

For Our Grandchildren (4RG) is a climate change activist group founded in 2006 in Toronto by a group of grandparents who were deeply concerned that the effects of climate change would have serious consequences for their grandchildren. One of the original founders was Walter Pitman, the late MPP for Peterborough. In 2010, 4RG was incorporated … Read more

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