On October 24 let’s elect local officials who support a sustainable future for Peterborough

Peterborough is a beautiful place to live and we want to keep it that way, for us and for our grandchildren. Our councilors and mayors determine how our municipalities run, what gets built, and what services are provided. Whether you live in Peterborough City or in Peterborough County we’ve made it easy for busy citizens to find out local candidates’ positions on sustainability, particularly on the Climate Crisis.

Plan your Vote

Official Voting Day is Monday, October 24, but advance polling and online voting is available starting October 1 depending on your municipality. Voting rules are slightly different depending on where you live. Peterborough City and all the townships in Peterborough county have web pages showing details about the election. We have gathered them together for you here.

Learn about the candidates

Learn how sitting councilors and the mayor of Peterborough voted on important issues related to Climate Change by checking out the Council Report Card.

See where candidates in Peterborough and the townships stand on Climate Action according to our survey.