Climate Change is Affecting Your Health – Dr. Thomas Piggott & Drew Monkman (Nov 14, 2022)

Click below to view the recording. This joint production between For Our Grandchildren and Peterborough Public Health features Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Thomas Piggott, and Local naturalist and author Drew Monkman.  Dr. Piggot assesses the health impacts of climate change on our physical and mental health, while Drew focuses on the effects on flora, … Read more

International Day of Action – November 12

PACA and 4RG organized a demonstration yesterday at the midpoint of COP 27 to let our leaders know that we expect more climate action from all levels of government. About 60 people came with signs, children, and dogs as well as words of anger and hope. Many speakers took the opportunity to speak about the … Read more

Updated Introduction to Electric Vehicles (October 2022)

The world of Electric Vehicles is changing very rapidly. This article updates our previous posts on EVs. We will continue to publish updates, but it is now impractical to keep track of models available in Canada. For current information on Electric Vehicles available in Canada visit PlugnDrive.  Based in Ontario they do a pretty good … Read more

Protect the Planet

On Monday, September 26, we marked the third anniversary of declaring a climate emergency with Protect the Planet, including the Dance for the Planet and Hold Space for the Planet. The Protect the Planet event was transferred about 2 hours before its start from Millennium Park to Trinity Church Hall because of an impending thunderstorm. … Read more

Clean Energy for Home Owners – Jean-Pierre Pawliw (Oct 3, 2022)

Amid a backdrop of rising concern for climate change and energy security, professional engineer and electrician Jean-Pierre Pawliw summarizes the opportunities and costs of residential clean energy technology and how to get started in your own clean energy project. Watch the recorded video HERE. The links from JPs “Incentive” page are below: Canada Greener Homes … Read more

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