December 2021 4RG Meet – Malaika Collette tells us about COP26

At a 4RG Meet this summer Malaika Collette told us of her experiences lobbying Peterborough Council to declare a climate emergency plus organizing last year’s international youth Mock COP conference on zoom when COP26 was cancelled due to COVID. She is attending this year’s COP26 conference in Glasgow as a youth delegate. We are very … Read more

Guy Hanchet interview transcript

This transcript records an interview from July 21, 2021 between Carson Hvengarad, Masters Degree Student at Trent University, and Guy Hanchet, President of For Our Grandchildren. It has been lightly edited to make it more readable. Carson: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this with me. Guy: Well, I’m anxious to … Read more

October 2021 4RG Meets – Robert Lockhart on Electric Vehicles

On Monday, October 4, Robert Lockhart shared his extensive knowledge and his enthusiasm for Electric Vehicle technology and the market in Canada. In case you missed it, here is the recording, the slides, the questions posed through the chat, and links to some of the resources mentioned during the presentation. Recorded Video from the Zoom … Read more

Call for Political Collaboration

After a summer of nurturing ourselves by getting back to nature and after a September dominated by the federal election we think that an appropriate action for October and November is to get back into more direct political action. There is a lot of outcry for the federal parties in the newly elected government to … Read more

CBC compares party platforms on Climate Action

Here is an extract from the CBC comparison of the climate change platforms for the 2022 election. Read the full report here. The next government’s climate change plan will impact every aspect of Canadians’ lives, public policy researchers say. Climate change impacts such as wildfires, extreme heat and drought are already affecting Canadians in concrete … Read more

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