We must vote with climate top of mind

Originally Published September 3, 2021  in the Peterborough Examiner The most alarming story to come out this summer is not the continuing pandemic or the tragedy in Afghanistan. As serious as these problems are, the biggest story is the recognition of how quickly climate chaos has descended upon us. We need look no further than … Read more

Vote for the Climate: for our children

Climate change in Canada: what we must do The chart below gives the principal climate policies of the main federal parties. Canada’s prairies are experiencing severe droughts, much of our forests are burning and Arctic ice is melting. UN scientists say serious climate change is happening now, and we must take these actions. We must … Read more

Citizens Climate Lobby Assessment of political parties

Here is a summary of the voting records and platforms of the political parties as compiled by Citizens Climate Lobby. Visit the CCL website for more details. Naturally they focus on the issues related to pricing carbon. Click here for more articles on the federal election in the 4RG web site.

August Election Special – Jim Hendry

Here is the recording from Jim Hendry’s presentation on August 23 about how to influence politicians at all levels of government. His overall message is to get to know them. They are in power to serve us and the welcome our input. They may be hard to reach, they may not agree, and they may … Read more

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