4RG Meets

4RG Reads! Books That Inspire Climate Action

With so many environmental books to choose from, wouldn’t it be nice to hear from some of your fellow climate activists as they share a brief summary of their favorite, most inspirational, most eye-opening climate change books?  Join us December 11 to hear just that. Register HERE

Climate Action: Share Your Successes

Our future is not limited by what we currently think is possible. What we do NOW helps to shape the future, and sharing our successes with like-minded people can inspire the activist in all of us.  In this meet, our participants share their successes and the effects of their actions. You can view the recording … Read more

Electric Vehicles Part II: What’s New in EVs? – Robert Lockhard (Oct 2023)

There have been many developments and questions when it comes to the electric vehicle industry over the past two years.  Robert Lockhart makes a return visit to 4RG Meets to review the basics and bring us up to date on EVs. Robert Lockhart is an EV owner and enthusiast.  He has been researching the EV … Read more

Catchacoma Old Growth – Peter Quinby and Katie Krelove (Sep 2023)

Meet Katie Krelove and Peter Quinby as they describe their passion for Kawartha’s own Catchacoma Old Growth Forest. You’ll hear about the role of this magnificent hemlock ecosystem in maintaining biodiversity and mitigating climate change, as well as the struggles to preserve its integrity. To view the recording Click HERE. Support Catchacoma Old-growth Forest by … Read more

My Year with a Cold Climate, Air Source Heat Pump – Geoff Daw

Heat pumps have been in the news a lot lately, since they provide a very efficient means to both heat and cool our homes and to reduce our carbon footprint. New advances in technology have increased their efficiency and allowed them to function in lower temperatures, such as the ones we experience in Canada and … Read more
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