4RG Meets

4RG Meets Nov 2021: Climate Change and Nature in the Kawarthas, with Drew Monkman

As the guest on 4RG Meets for November, Drew Monkman presented his personal observations of Climate Change and Nature in the Kawarthas to about 50 visitors on the Zoom call. His presentation was followed by a lively discussion with people speaking of their own experiences. If you missed it, here is a link to the … Read more

4RG Meets Oct 2021: Electric Vehicles, with Robert Lockhart

On Monday, October 4, Robert Lockhart shared his extensive knowledge and his enthusiasm for Electric Vehicle technology and the market in Canada. In case you missed it, here is the recording, the slides, the questions posed through the chat, and links to some of the resources mentioned during the presentation. Recorded Video from the Zoom … Read more

4RG Meets Sep 2021: Forest Therapy, with Sophie Monkman

Sophie Monkman told us about the benefits of Forest Therapy, and shared how she sees it as being an integral form of activism and engagement in the climate crisis.  So many participants visibly relaxed and smiled during her presentation.  Apparently, just talking about spending time in nature feels great. Here is the link to Sophie’s … Read more

4RG Meets Aug 2021 Special: Federal Election Candidate’s Debate, with Jim Hendry

Here is the recording from Jim Hendry’s presentation on August 23 about how to influence politicians at all levels of government. His overall message is to get to know them. They are in power to serve us and the welcome our input. They may be hard to reach, they may not agree, and they may … Read more

4RG Meets Aug 2021: Home Energy Retrofits, with Al Slavin

Here is the recording and slides from Al Slavin’s presentation on home energy retrofits on August 9.