Pope Francis links climate change, energy and world poverty

In his encyclical “Laudato Si”, Pope Frances appealed for efforts to limit climate change through reducing consumption of fossil fuels. Many Christians responded to the Encyclical and worked to persuade their country to reduce the use of coal, natural gas and oil for the production of energy. 4RG expected that the Laudato Si would be … Read more

The Link between Climate Change and Poverty

The continuing yearly meetings of the Conference of the Parties will re-convene this fall in Lima, Peru.  This Conference must show progress towards effective targets for GHG reduction and support for the Green Climate Fund. This Fund is intended to assist those countries who do not have the resources or technological skills to institute measures … Read more

Faith and Climate Change

Stephen Scharper is a wonderful speaker:  profound – yet humorous. He does more than communicate.  He illuminates his subject.   He is a masterful interpreter of Christian theology on the subject of climate change. His commentaries in the Toronto Star have inspired more than one 4RG blog.  Read “A Christmas Day Message  for Grandparents everywhere. … Read more

Citizens Climate Action Forum

localizing the Leap Manifesto Naomi Klein’s recent film “This Changes Everything” will be shown at this year’s Reframe Film Festival at noon on Sunday, January 31. The film’s message is that because it is too late to make small changes to successfully combat climate change we must now Leap to large societal changes based on … Read more

What can we expect from COP 21 (the Paris Conference of the Parties)?

Can these Parties who, nearly two decades ago, agreed to limit emissions causing climate change, finally take effective steps towards that goal?   A failure to do so, such as happened at the Copenhagen COP, will confirm the ineffectiveness of the United Nations, the only international organization that can bring countries together to generate reasonable solutions. … Read more

Peterborough We > Tar Sands Action

On Saturday, July 4th about 90 Peterborough Citizens gathered in Confederation Square to send a message calling for a justice based transition away from the tar sands to a 100% clean-energy economy in Canada. “Our community and our country can be a better place to live in without Canada’s current dependence on the fossil fuel economy.” … Read more