Vision and Mission

fog-logoOur vision:

To connect and empower grandparents and prospective grandparents who are concerned about the impending effects of climate change, and enable them to join a movement to counter and prepare for these effects on behalf of all of our children and grandchildren.

This video tells the story of our cause and its vital importance. Many thanks to producer Stephen Best for bringing it to life.

Our mission:

The World Wide Web offers an unprecedented opportunity to encourage grandparents to speak out on behalf of our grandchildren at this defining moment in our civilization’s history. Our new website will offer opportunities for grandparents to fulfill our duty to future generations: to learn, comment and to come together with others to discuss initiatives such as contacting their decision-makers with their concerns, and participating in regular challenges. “” has the potential to mobilize substantial numbers of grandparents, and will also serve to educate children and youth in their communities, preparing them to be active participants in a sustainable world.  Our grandchildren will have great opportunities in a very different world.

We can accomplish much and leave a legacy to our grandchildren.  The project’s major educational component is unique because of the intimate relationship grandparents have with their grandchildren.

If you are concerned about the impending effects of climate change, join grandparents across Canada & around the world to make a difference.

Contributions are most appreciated. Cheques may be mailed to “For Our Grandchildren”, 10 Cortland Avenue, Toronto, ON M4R 1T8. Thank you.