Special Action for Sustainable Jobs – Write to a Senator!

Thanks to the thousands of people who signed letters and made phone calls, the Sustainable Jobs Act (Bill C-50) passed through a vote in the House of Commons. This was a testament to the power of speaking up and taking action!

Bill C-50’s progress means we are as close as ever to seeing Canada’s plan for sustainable jobs put into action – with an approach that aligns with Canada’s climate goals and requires the government to include advice from labour leaders, Indigenous representatives and environmental experts.

Right now, senators are voting on the Act. We’ve heard from senators that, as they study the legislation, they value hearing from Canadians about what it means to them. As residents of Canada, senators represent our interests. We have an opportunity to encourage them to do the right thing for our climate and Canada’s future of sustainable jobs. Tell Senator Omidvar, the chair of the voting committee, why swiftly passing the Sustainable Jobs Act matters to you.


  • Send an email today to Senator Ratna Omidvar at ratna.omidvar@sen.parl.gc.ca, copying soci@sen.parl.gc.ca. Make sure to include your name, your city/province, and why it is important to you that the Sustainable Jobs Act passes quickly.
  • Or send an email using this letter template.
  • If you prefer to make a phone call, you can call the senator’s office at 613-943-4330 and use the points provided in the template.

Action Sponsored By:

Environmental Defense

Action Best Before Date: 20240630