Become a General Member

You can become a General Member of 4RG by filling out the form below. You’ll hear back from us within a few weeks. 

There are two categories of Membership:

  1. General Members – are all people who have filled out membership forms.
  2. Executive Members – are members who have been duly elected at a 4RG Annual General Meeting (AGM) to serve on the Executive Committee of 4RG.

The Rights of Members are:

  1.  To be eligible for election at the AGM as Executive Members of the Board which is to be comprised of 8 to 15 members;
  2. To attend, discuss and vote at 4RG’s Annual General Meeting on the matters to be considered, including election or re-election of Executive Members, the Treasurer’s Financial Report, Committee Reports etc.;
  3. To be eligible to serve on any of the Standing Committees or Ad Hoc Committees;
  4. While not required, taking out a Membership in 4RG should indicate a willingness to provide assistance at 4RG Events and with the activities undertaken by 4RG to forward its Mission.

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