Question of the Month: August 2009

Every month, a new question relating to climate change will be posted in this space.  We encourage visitors and members of this site to weigh in and post comments with your position, with the intention of cultivating an engaging debate of the issue.

This month’s question is below.

This December, the world leaders will meet at the Copenhagen Climate Conference to form a new climate protocol, which will succeed the expiring Kyoto Protocol.  There is consensus in the scientific community that if we do not dramatically reduce global emissions of greenhouse gasses, the effects of climate change will be staggering and irreversible.  To safeguard the future of our grandchildren, it is absolutely critical that this conference yields a bold, visionary plan and binding international agreement.

On October 24, 2009, – an “international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis” – leads the International Day of Climate Change.  The intention is to organize and coordinate actions across the globe as a large-scale, collective symbol of a unified climate change movement, that will compel and support our world leaders to create a revolutionary new treaty in Copehhagen.  So far, communities and community groups in over 100 nations have organized peaceful and powerful actions that will help bring attention to this issue.

The Question of the Month, therefore, is this: what would be the most compelling, powerful and effective action that  ForOurGrandchildren can take on October 24 to make an impact on the International Day of Climate Change in Canada?  This is our mission between now and then.  If you have any ideas as to the type of action we can take, how we can gain media coverage, or if you simply wish to pledge your support and participation for the event that we organize, please leave your thoughts here.

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