Important Announcement: October 2009

On Saturday, October 24 from 2pm-4pm, ForOurGrandchildren will be convening at Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario to add our voice to the International Day of Climate Action.

We are calling for the support and attendance of all grandparents, parents, and everybody else who wishes to join the movement to stop the climate crisis.  Please come to the event, and bring your grandchildren – or other young people – with you, and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.  There will be music, comedy and other entertainment for them to enjoy.  We will be carrying a banner bearing the ForOurGrandchildren name and logo, and we would be delighted if you come by and introduce yourself and participate in our cause.

This very important event at Queen’s Park has been coordinated by the Toronto Climate Campaign as part of the international grassroots effort of an unprecedented scale driven by  It brings together local organizations and community groups who recognize that we are at a watershed moment in our history: the action – or inaction – of our world leaders at the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Conference will, literally and without exaggeration, determine a major element of the legacy we leave behind to our children and grandchildren.

Help us leave a legacy that will safeguard their future.  Queen’s Park: Saturday, October 24, 2009, from 2pm-4pm.

Check back here often for updates on the event and what we have planned, or join our e-network by submitting your email address in the right-hand panel of this page.  Read the post below for more information on the International Day of Climate Action and why it is so important.

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2 thoughts on “Important Announcement: October 2009”

  1. One object of the world wide October 24th International Day of Climate Action was to call attention to the conference sponsored by the UN to discuss a Framework Convention on Climate Change, to be held in Copenhagen starting December 7th next

    Already the advance spin on “Copenhagen” is hitting the Canadian public: “Don’t expect too much”.

    Energy Minister Jim Prentice has said: “Increasingly people are being realistic, that it’s hard to see a full and complete agreement being arrived at.” According to him, the most we can expect is “working towards some agreed principles.”

    The Federal NDP, supported by the Bloc Quebecois, has sponsored a private members bill establishing limits on greenhouse gas emissions for Canada. If passed, the Canadian Government would logically have to present these limits at “Copenhagen” as Canadian policy. But the bill won’t pass, at least not in time: the Conservatives did not support a previous NDP bill, and the Liberals, who supported the previous bill, have stated that they need more time to study the issue.

    The catch word for the International Day of Climate Action was “”, a difficult concept on which to inspire a revolution in citizens behaviour. Much more information is required before this slogan rallies people and countries to accept limitations on their GDP as necessary in the fight against climate change.

    Our Toronto grandchildren were there with us, enduring the cold and damp to listen to the message from the many speakers. I hope that they can look back on this day as a small step on a long journey.

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