The Copenhagen Climate Conference

Anthony Ketchum, the founder and leader of ForOurGrandchildren, is going to Copenhagen! Accompanying him will be his son, John Philip.

The Copenhagen Climate Conference that runs from December 7-18, 2009 will be remembered as a watershed moment in human history, either because of the strong, decisive action that our world leaders take, or because the lack thereof.  According to James Hansen – widely considered to be the world`s foremost authority on climate change – we are currently between a climate change `tipping point` and a `point of no return`, after which the accelerating trend towards climate destabilization will become irreversible, with literally catastrophic results.

Anthony will be making blog posts daily during his visit to Copenhagen.  To help make his trip as productive and impactful as possible, we are calling for anyone with ideas, messages, or contacts in Canada or Copenhagen that can help bring exposure Anthony`s efforts.

What is the best way to take full advantage of this unique opportunity?

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2 thoughts on “The Copenhagen Climate Conference”

  1. We all live in neighbourhoods – make the issues about climate change personal. Bad air that we and our kids breathe comes from bad planning in ‘hoods and tearing down and new building where not necessary.

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