COP15: Monday, December 14

It’s the Olympics here in Copenhagen!  There are huge globes, banners, tents and exhibitions of all kinds everywhere! Upon entering the airpoirt terminal, we were bombarded by images of various current  world leaders 20 years in the future looking lost and depressed and saying “I’M SORRY.  We could have stopped catastrophic climate change…we didn’t.”

The critical nature of COP15 is everywhere. Hundreds of huge photographs circle main squares bringing home climate change’s devastation worldwide. A friendly NGO on Copenhagen’s amazing subway system said some of the photos brought tears to her eyes.

The city is almost overwhelmed by people of all ages from all over the world. In the freezing cold the line-up to get accreditation to enter the Bella Center snaked up and out and around the subway station, which had to close down because of the crowds. The mayor of Kyoto stood in line for 7 hours; Maude Barlow, Canada’s UN Undersecretary of state, couldn’t get in to speak at an NGO function. Yet there remains a hopeful spirit about the city.

It looks like the conference will also close Olympic-style with a race to the finish. Whether citizens here and all over the world will give it a medal or send the delegates home in disgrace remains to be seen.

– John & Anthony


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