COP15: Wednesday, December 16

Bumped into Crown Prince Frederik today – well, not quite literally. As people were snapping photos of the Copenhagen mayor and the Prince in City Hall square we didn’t see the young prince ride off on his bicycle but it wouldn’t have surprised us if that’s what he did (every day close to 40% of Copenhagens commute by bicycle!).

It’s snowing and raining in Copenhagen but the warmth of the people shuts out the freezing cold. In spite of unending reasons to be depressed about our grandchildren’s fate, there are myriad positive initiatives showcased all over the city. And the people are cheerful and extremely helpful.

Bill McKibben is here and he rightly says we’re battling the physics of the biosphere and the physics imposes its own limits and timetable. This is unlike other movements like apartheid where people fought societies’ accepted structures. In our struggle to act on the science, every second counts; we have only months left, not years.

Here in Copenhagen at the huge Lutheran cathedral a big service yesterday was attended by archbishops Desmond Tutu and Rowan Williams. Dozens of choristers from all over the world carried down the aisle a piece of dead coral, stones uncovered by retreating glaciers and shrivelled ears of corn from drought-stricken parts of Africa.

As McKibben says, on the one side is reason and faith; on the other political power. So far reason and faith are not winning, but the very friendly Danes give us all Hope in ‘Hagen.

– John & Anthony

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