A letter from a Concerned Grandparent

One of the roles that ageing parents and in-laws are expected to play is that of being a “pain in the ass” on every possible occasion and in the presence of any seemingly justifiable set of circumstances.

On this occasion I am enclosing an extract from an essay, “An Awkward Conversation” by Richard Wiles*, related to the subject of climate change [what I call  global warming.]  It is disturbing.  Some would call it frightening.  However, the author is a man of integrity, knowledge and experience and the issue is real.

It came through the hands of people I trust associated with the NGO “Forourgrandchildren.ca”, dedicated to the proposition that the human race can only survive in the long term if its footprint can be reduced in the short term.  Education, changes in values and human behaviours are essential.  Political change is involved at every level of government.   Do read and ponder.

Walter Pitman

(Extract from “An Awkward Conversation” by Richard Wiles, co-founder of the Environmental Working Group, on HuffPost February 13, 2011.)

 I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about climate change liars. Those people who make a living deliberately deceiving the public about the scientific consensus on climate disruption. These people are awful, they know who they are. They have to live with their lies.

But what’s worse is the other lie I’ve discovered in the process. It’s the lie that I’m telling. It’s the lie that we all tell to our children and each other when we don’t talk about climate disruption. It’s the lie of us all pretending that everything will be OK.

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