Grandparents Protest Oil Sands in Alberta: Letter to the Editor (Edmonton Journal)

Picture of the Alberta 0il sands destroying our environment.’s Letter to the Editor – Edmonton Journal (Published April 13th, 2011): Canadian Grandparents Join Norwegian Counterparts in Condemning Alberta’s Tar Sands

We applaud the Grandparents’ Climate Action of Norway’s resolved commitment in condemning Alberta’s tar sands industry. Placing a paid advertisement in the Edmonton Journal denouncing their government’s participation in perpetuating the polluting oil industry with Norway’s state-owned Statoil is commendable.

Now it’s our turn. It’s time for all Canadian grandparents to stand up and take action on climate change. We do have a choice between a sustainable planet and a dead planet.

We can make a difference. Let’s do the right thing. Let’s begin immediately to phase out the Alberta tar sands. Our children and grandchildren will be indebted to us. So will the Aboriginal population and the irreplaceable native species.

Read all about the Norwegian grandparents campaign here.


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