Proud Canadians!

The Nations of the World will soon be assembling in Durban to meet the challenge of completing the mandate left unfinished at the Copenhagen and Cancun Conferences on climate change.  As usual, there will be numerous private organizations concerned with climate change to monitor the progress of the discussions, and to point out the inadequacies and deficiencies of the pseudo-treaty structure of this event.

Canada’s performance at Durban will be very closely watched.  Given our opposition to the Kyoto emissions limits, and our continued exploitation of the tar sands, Canada is one of the leading contenders for the “colossal fossil” award.  Shawn McCarthy of the Globe and Mail commented on this dubious honour in the June 18th edition of the Globe .

The on-line edition of his column invited comments from readers.  The great majority of the comments suggested that global warming and its consequences was a hoax.  Here is a sampling of some of the more typical of these remarks (following the Web pseudonym used by the authors.)

Ogi Poggi: “I am proud to be a Canadian – let the fossil awards roll in.”

Eyes Open: “I am proud of Canada’s performance and refusul to get sucked into to the man made global warming con job.”

Mememine69:  “I’m not the only one contacting authorities and law makers and the justice departments to have the leading scientists and NEWS EDITORS charged for this needless panic of a false war called Climate Change.”

Peedy Quick: “A Fossil Award from the Eco-Greenie-Global Warming-Screaming-Meenie crowd?  Bring it on. So proud to be a Canadian exposing these idiots, these fools for the morons they are.”

There was one neutral comment that invited readers to follow a link to the Report of the Royal Society summarizing the state of scientific findings on climate change.   I wonder if Ogi Poggi and the other proud Canadians bothered to review this report.

And if they did, what is their response to findings in the report such as the conclusions that follow?

“There is strong evidence that changes in greenhouse gas concentrations due to human activity are the dominant cause of  the global warming that has taken place over the last half century. This warming trend is expected to continue as are changes in precipitation over the long term in many regions. Further and more rapid increases in sea level are likely which will have profound implications for coastal communities and ecosystems.” (Report, Para. 57)


 “. . . Climate science – including the substantial body of knowledge that is already well established, and the results of future research – is the essential basis for future climate projections and planning, and must be a vital component of public reasoning in this complex and challenging area. (Report,  Para. 57)

Is there anything that can be said to these proud Canadians that might get them to  reconsider their conclusion that climate change is a hoax or a con job?

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