Archbishop Desmond Tutu joins For Our Grandchildren!

By Peter Jones

The Most Reverend Dr. Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town would undoubtedly be the first to agree that life is full of mysteries. And the greatest mystery of all is the “big bang” or the cosmic flaring forth which began the creation of our universe.

The world-renowned Tutu is no mystery himself. He is one of the most courageous moral leaders on our planet. A black South African, he publicly condemned the racist South African government long before apartheid finally ended, winning the Nobel Prize for his work.

Thanks to his leadership in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the blood-bath which so many predicted would accompany black majority rule was avoided. Miraculously, white murderers and black murderers faced each other at the Commission, confessing the truth and accepting the consequences.

We desperately need to follow Tutu’s lead, to recover our cosmic origins and to understand the Divinity that is in Creation. For the ecological crisis has its origins in a theology that separates Nature from the Sacred Earth.

Our civilization is moving at a frightening pace toward a climate tipping point. As Professor Stephen Scharper says, “the devastation that we are bringing about is negating billions of years of past development on Earth. This is a period of change unparalleled in 4.5 billion years”.

If we continue with ‘business as usual’, the heating of the planet which we are already experiencing will become irreversible. We cannot escape the mission we have inherited. Our grandchildren’s lives at stake.

Desmond Tutu is an inspiring vision of wisdom and hope in the recovery we must bring about. We at For Our Grandchildren are indeed both delighted and privileged that he has agreed to be an Honorary Member of our Steering Committee.

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