News from Norway!

Halfdan Wik of the Grandparents Climate Campaign (Norway) writes:

We have really appreciated our contacts with Canadian grandparents, and are still hoping we can spread the message to new countries. It’s my firm conviction that grandparents have an important political role to play.

A few days ago I received James Hansen’s newsletter, and read his statement about “Cowards in Our Democracies”. He says:

 “The most basic matter, however, is not one of economics. It is a matter of morality – a matter of intergenerational justice. As with the earlier great moral issue of slavery, an injustice of one race of humans to another, so the injustice of one generation to another must stir the public’s conscience to the point of action. Until there is a sustained and growing public involvement, it is unlikely that the needed fundamental change of direction can be achieved.”

 It is interesting to read your refections about the Canadian economic tar sands addiction. It reminds us of Norway’s recent history: forty years ago we were a country based on traditional industries, fisheries, farming, etc, and relied on a traditional morality stressing economic moderation and frugality. Today we are all petroholics! And few follow the old values and lifestyles.

Our political leaders are of course denying the climate impact from the big Norwegian oil industry, which is one of the world’s largest exporters of oil and gas.

“The Norwegian pure oil is not the problem, it’s an important part of the solution to the climate crises”, Prime Minister Stoltenberg claims. Hallelujah!

Professor Helge Ryggvik is one of the few Norwegian academics analyzing our “Oil Experiment” from a critical angle. He recently published this paper for Attac Norway:

I think it will be interesting for you to read.

Now for some positive news! The Grandparents have initiated a national campaign aiming at the next Parliament election in 2013. Together with around 20 other organizations (environmental organizations, the Church of Norway, a couple of trade unions, etc.) we are sending an open letter to PM Stoltenberg. Our main message is that if Norway wants to contribute to the international goal limiting global warming to no more that 2 degrees Celsius in a way that is meaningful, politics will have to change dramatically!

At the end of April, we are holding our yearly Grandparent National Council meeting, this time in the city of Trondheim. We are inviting Lars Almström and other Swedes. It’s a two days arrangement, with about 30 participants, where we will have good time both to discuss climate politics, and future plans for the Grandparent Climate Campaign.

Members of our steering group have a special interest in Statoil (our state owned oil company) matters. They share the belief that we need a more international grandparent coalition to oppose the oil lobby in a way that can contribute to changing the world, which is what we have to do!

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