Climate Change and Questions for NDP Leadership Candidates

From time to time Forourgrandchildren has speculated about NDP policies on climate change.  An NDP supporter, Lynn MacDonald, is the author of a challenging analysis why an impasse in Canadian politics has prevented practical steps at the Federal level to contain climate change . She has also spearheaded a movement to get the NDP Leadership candidates to focus on these issues. Here are the questions she and her colleagues who are members of NDP Riding Associations have circulated to these candidates.

What priority would you give to climate change in the House and in other public venues if elected leader of the NDP (and therefore Leader of the Opposition)?

Do you support a moratorium on tar sands development?

What measures would you advance to prevent or stop the building of pipelines to carry bitumen products for export?

What regulatory measures would you advance to reduce GHG emissions, what form of carbon pricing or carbon tax?

Do you support a ban on the development of shale gas projects?

Are there other environmental priorities you would favour being included in a progressive electoral alliance for 2015?

Several candidates have shied away from answering questions of this sort.  Others have privately expressed the view that the contemplated action would be political suicide.  Thomas Mulcair has publicly stated that the NDP cannot oppose exploitation of the tar sands.

It will be interesting to follow this thread!

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