Hold the date of May 6, 2012!

We are running out of time to stop all of the worst case scenarios associated with climate change from becoming reality.  Experts tell us that there exists a tipping point: a point after which we will be helpless to stop rising global temperatures and all the related disastrous consequences.  This is called “runaway” climate change, and we are dangerously close to this tipping point, if we haven’t passed it already.

In his short film Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip, Leo Murray states: “These are extraordinary times. Preventing runaway global warming is the single most important task in all of human history – and it has fallen to us to do it.”

For Our Grandchildren is working on a project that is a call to action.  We believe that by bringing people together to discuss the risks, real, effective change can occur.

We want to partner with community groups across Toronto and ask each of them to host a screening of Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip, followed by a discussion of the problem and what their members would like to do about it.  At least one grandparent from For Our Grandchildren will attend each of these screenings to talk about the organization, their own reasons for getting involved, and to help facilitate the group discussion.

For our partners that have hosted their screenings, For Our Grandchildren will sponsor a Town Hall meeting on Sunday, May 6, 2012 where we will invite delegates from each of our partners groups, as well as the general public.

Where:  Cameron Hall Auditorium, Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, corner of Yonge St. and Heath St., Toronto (Subway:  St. Clair Station on the Yonge Line- take the North exit, East side of Yonge.)

When: Sunday, May 6, 1.30 pm doors open.

Admittance is free on a first-come, first served basis.  Coffee break at 3.30 and concluding session until 5 pm.

The first part of the May 6 event will be a Climate Forum, featuring speakers Alanna Mitchell, author of “Sea Sick”; Stephen Scharper, Professor, Department of the Environment, University of Toronto; the Honourable Glen Murray, Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities; Glenn McGillivray, Managing Director, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction; and Dianne Saxe, Environmental Lawyer.

The second part will be a Town Hall Meeting, featuring a discussion of concrete examples of actions that individuals and groups can take.    Participants who attend will network with each other, discuss the issues and develop a plan for action.

If you are a group that would be interested in partnering on this project, please contact us at contactus@forourgrandchildren.ca.

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