Post Script on a Post Mortem

“Post Mortem on the 2011 Ontario election”, a recent blog, was a little gloomy. Perhaps the title should have been “Liberals stick to their guns.”

In the face of a motion by the Provincial Conservatives the Liberal Provincial Government stands by its principal building block of the new green economy.  This building block is an agreement with Samsung and its partners who will invest $7 billion in green energy in Ontario, in return for which the Ontario Government will pay $110 million in taxpayer subsidies over 25 years. The Conservatives have always claimed that this Agreement will boost taxes and hydro rates.

The Sierra Club invites you to petition the Ontario Government to stand by its principles.

By the time you read this short blog the Government may have been defeated on a Conservative motion to repeal the main green energy legislation.  But then again maybe not: the NDP would have to support the Conservative motion.  That alliance with the Conservatives may cost them a lot if it precipitates an election.

Now if Canada had a recognized commitment by all levels of government to Green Energy, which is renewable energy, the Ontario Conservatives would not be thinking of such a backwards step!

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