An Appeal to the World’s Religions

The belief in science and technology has reached its limit. Mankind is facing a global threat. Animal and plant life are increasingly at risk. The rising of the sea levels will make the borders on our maps disappear and mankind will have to move closer together. Desperately, we are now looking for a solution, which can stop or lessen this global catastrophe. But the danger seems still too far away; as a consequence the people of this planet are not willing to act together and face this self-inflicted international and global threat, without losing their sovereignty, in a sensible, wholehearted and sustainable way. We are aware of the fact that we must begin with consistent and collective countermeasures now, because the aftermath of climate change can already be felt today and many people fear for the happiness and survival of their families. However, the entire 21st century will be shaped by the increasing aftermath of global warming. We are just at the beginning of this catastrophe.


Most of the people are seeking, in their bitterest moments, in days of despair, powerlessness and fear the closeness to their God. They reflect on the strength, size and grace of the Almighty and ask their God in prayer for these very same attributes to find the right way out of this crisis as they fight their conscience and struggle with their guilt.

All religions of the world teach us in times of crisis and fear the same way. A path filled with respect, responsibility, humility, tolerance and love.

Religions and their churches have the unifying power to convince people all over the world to find a way out of this crisis for each other and with each other. This self-inflicted, the anthropogenic climate change, is the biggest crisis mankind has ever faced since Creation. But we can rise above this crisis together, if we want to cooperate and act accordingly: To conserve the natural resources of our planet and preserve the Creation.


Before long, the world community has a real opportunity to resolve a way out of this crisis. the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20 (UNCSD) from June 4th to June 6th 2012, can set the course for a collective and long-term direction in climate protection and sustainable development.


We ask the churches and religions of the world, pointing to these Conferences of the United Nations, to hold mass and services worldwide, in the matter of Global Climate Protection and a Sustainable Development on Earth, 30 days before and during the RIO+20 Conference. Let people around the world stand together in worship for a peaceful, safe and respectful future. Help us find the confidence in ourselves, to recognize this global and elusive threat and to stop it.

Marcel Hoffman, The Global Alliance of Civil Climate Custodians

Edits are the entire responsibility of For Our Grandchildren

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