Fighting Extremism!

For Our Grandchildren recently received the following email message.

Dear Fear Mongers,
If there were real legal consequences for you issuing these CO2 death threats to my grand kids, you fear mongering child abusers wouldn’t be shooting your mouths off like this about “unstoppable warming”. Unstoppable warming is the end of the world and you “end of the world freaks” have gone too far this time with “save my grand kids…”  Sooner or later this needless panic you help perpetuate will have criminal charges.

Any commentator can say what they like about whether FOG is right or wrong, but the epithet “fear mongering child abusers” has a chilling aspect to it.  FOG Members could be a potential target of angry and offended citizens who don’t agree with our approach on climate change.

For Our Grandchildren has received veiled threats like this before, which we have not made public. We had intended to ignore this extreme message.   Then the US-based Heartland Institute, an opponent of climate change science, came up with some public ads aimed at Chicago motorists. The Institute’s ads compared those who accept climate science to Charles Manson, the Unabomber, and Osama Bin Laden.  As Joe Romm (a leading environmentalist web commentator) said about Heartland’s tactics:

“This far-beyond-the-pale ad campaign to promote their Chicago conference later this month is a moment of truth for both the think tank and the broader community of disinformers and their enablers.”

 We decided to let our readers know what is happening behind the scenes. These kinds of tactics will increase, and the emotions they arouse will be less and less restrained by reason.  Particularly if actions to fight climate change start to see results.

Many times we are tempted to vent our anger on people “who just don’t get it.” Yet we have always avoided inflammatory criticism of those who oppose our goals. We believe inflammatory remarks will only encourage a similar attitude in our critics.

For Our Grandchildren is committed to persuade people by objective comment addressed to fundamentals.  We are ready to give those who wish to criticize us an opportunity to do so.  Where they make valid points we will acknowledge them in subsequent blogs.

You can help up get out this message:  For Our Grandchildren will be resolute but fair in its support of actions against climate change, and against the opinions of deniers and sceptics. Encourage your friends and family (most of all your grandchildren) to go to our site, read what we have said, and make known their views.

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1 thought on “Fighting Extremism!”

  1. We are called “end of the world freaks” and told our “panic” will lead to criminal charges. Such emotional outbursts do not really deserve a response, but our rational, sane readers may be interested to know that FOG has been receiving daily post cards in the mail from the USA, not to mention many other emails and telephone calls congratulating us on our efforts.

    Moreover, it is interesting to note that the scientist who is the hero of the Heartland Institute, Dr. Richard Lindzen, a meteororologist, “provides a dangerous alibi for inaction” according to the majority of scientists (New York Times, May 13, 2012). Our grandchildren will not thank us if we fail to take the necessary precautions. And it just happens that taking the necessary precautions will give our world much needed stability, safety and health. Of course, we can reject the science and with it Copernicus, Newton, Einstein … However, we prefer to listen to the vast majority of climate scientists, including Dr. Lindzen’s colleagues at MIT:
    “It just seems deeply unprofessional and irresponsible to look at this and say ‘We’re sure it’s not a problem’. It’s a special kind of risk, because it’s a risk to the collective civilization'”

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