Hey Minister Oliver!

ForourGrandchildren recommends that you make a point of visiting your MP and letting him/her know where you stand on climate change.   Add that if you don’t see progress in protecting the environment against the consequence of fossil fuel consumption, you will be working and voting against the Conservatives at the next election.

You can question your member about the performance of Joe Oliver, the Minister of Natural Resources. Here is what he said to a three-person delegation from his riding that included a member of the Fog Steering Committee.

Unstoppable Climate Change

We said that we are outraged that so little is being done to protect our grandchildren’s future against the effects of climate change

Did he (Oliver) agree that if we continue increasing GHG in the atmosphere at the present rate, we will soon pass the tipping point – after which our children and grandchildren will be powerless to prevent further, unbearable heating of the biosphere? The oceans have already heated up significantly and the vital C02 – absorbing and oxygen-making plankton has decreased at an alarming rate. Every second breath we take comes from that ocean source. Joe Oliver’s response was to talk about the positive things the Government is doing.”

In other words, this Government will do nothing to stop climate change, and apparently does not even recognize that it presents serious risks to our grandchildren’s future.

Franke James and her husband also paid a visit to Oliver and questioned him concerning the Northern Gateway Pipeline.  As a visual artist, Franke uses pictures and not words.  Go to her Website to see her pictorial commentary on Joe Oliver’s performance as Minister of Natural Resources.