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A previous Forourgrandchildren posting commented on the decision of the Federal Government to study and report on the impact of wind turbines upon health.  Apart from the political brownie points that the Conservative Government may amass, was this decision really necessary?  Is the Conservative Government not aware that a Committee of the Canadian Senate has been studying the same issue, and is expected to release its report by July 20th of this year?

THE STANDING SENATE COMMITTEE ON ENERGY, THE ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES has been holding hearings on Energy policy for over two years.  In 2011 this Committee heard from witnesses supporting wind turbines, who commented on the health studies that had been undertaken worldwide. As a balance to this evidence, the Committee invited representatives of the Society of Wind Vigilance to appear before the Committee.  These representatives gave evidence last October 18, 2011 and presented a report to the Committee entitled Industrial Wind Turbines and Health: Wind Turbines Can Harm Humans. These representatives also provided references to expert testimony on the subject.

We support the rural citizens who are impacted by wind turbine noise. If you read our blog you will surely agree that there is more that Governments can do, particularly at the Provincial level.

We do not support a moratorium on further development of wind energy until 2014. And we don’t think that further evidence is necessary to enable Governments to find the right balance between health effects and the need for renewable energy.

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