Ask yourself these questions!

Would you like to witness the spreading of falsehoods to the American people by the Chief Executives of tobacco companies?

Would you like to know their successful rearguard strategy questioning public health warnings that cigarette smoking led to cancer?

Would you like to identify the people who masterminded this strategy?

Would you like to see how big oil and big coal successfully adopted that strategy in their fight to delay the public recognition of climate change?

Would you like to trace how fossil fuel interests employed the same individuals who had worked to repress the smoking-cancer link?

Would you like to understand the mendacity behind the slogan “Science is not settled”?

Would you like to discover which US politicians accepted financial support from big oil and big coal to trumpet this slogan to the US people?

If the answer to any of  these questions is yes! you should tune into on November 14th.

Go to that Website for further directions how to get the answers. We particularly recommend the videos on the site that lay out what has happened.

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