Make the Conservative Party pay attention to environment issues!

On November 26th Canadians in three ridings will vote in by-elections. The NDP is leading in Victoria, and the Conservatives are leading in Calgary and Durham. The closest race is in Calgary- Center, a traditional Conservative stronghold, and right next door to Stephen Harper’s riding. Two weeks ago the Conservative Candidate was in the lead, with polls suggesting 48% of voters would cast ballots for her.

Since then the Green Party campaign in favour of its candidate has shifted into high gear. The latest poll in the Calgary riding indicates that support for the Conservatives has dropped to 32%;the Liberal candidate in second with 30%; and the Green Party candidate, nationally- respected author, journalist and thinker, Chris Turner, in third with 23%. If you want to know more about Chris and what he stands for go to his platform on his Website.

The Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, is appealing to Canadians everywhere to help the Chris Turner campaign. Don’t be turned off by the polls: Albertans can deliver upset victories in by-elections to candidates the pollsters and pundits have written off.

You can help. The election day is barely two weeks off.  Perhaps you can drop everything and go to Calgary and knock on doors.  You will be provided with a billet. Can you join the national volunteer phone canvas? The calls are easy to do with a great web-based system (you don’t even need to use your own phone.)

For Our Grandchildren is inviting every Canadian to help with Turner’s campaign. Grandparents, you are just the people who should be engaged. Share this appeal with your friends by emailing them about this blog.

Find our how you can help by going to this page on Chris Turner’s Website.  There are other ways: you can spread the appeal through word and images on the social media.

The important thing is to make some impact on Conservative political strategists, who are lukewarm about environmental issues and indifferent to climate change. Neither appeals to Conservative members of Parliament, including face-to-face meetings, or petitions to the House of Commons on renewable energy have had an effect. The only way to make this impact is to punish them at the polls.

To have an environmentalist elected in the Conservative bastion of Calgary-Centre would shake up the Conservative party. The beneficiary of your efforts would be our country and our planet!


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2 thoughts on “Make the Conservative Party pay attention to environment issues!”

  1. While I respect your opinion to send the Conservatives a message, you are glossing over the fact that the Greens are in distant THIRD place in Calgary-Centre. From what I’ve read, the Liberal candidate is also very respected for his environmental work. It would then make more sense to vote Liberal as this is who people appear to be starting to rally around. I hate the thought of the Greens and Liberal splitting the vote and allow the Conservatives to win so hopefully we can find an agreed understanding here.

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