Calgary By-Election – Comment on Comments

The Calgary results are in.  The Conservative Candidate, Joan Crockatt, held the riding, receiving approximately 36% of votes cast, giving her a narrow win over Harvey Locke, the Liberal candidate.

Did the awkward comments of Justin Trudeau and David McGuinty prejudice Locke? Possibly, but the apology of Trudeau and the resignation of McGuinty as Liberal Natural Resources critic appears to have limited the damage.

 Crockatt’s campaign consisted of knocking on doors.  This approach worked for the Conservatives as it has in many other contests.

We supported the Green Party Candidate, Chris Turner, who received 25 per cent of the eligible votes. Our critics were right that voting for a Green Party candidate would split the vote.  We have recognized that possibility in other blogs –  but as we said:

“As we see it, the takeaway message to the Harper Government from the by-election should be more than a rejection of a particular Conservative candidate. Even if she is defeated, the Conservative Party will still have a workable majority in the House of Commons.

The message must be a root-and-branch rejection of where the Conservative party stands on climate change. The most dramatic way to deliver that message is through the election of an outstanding Green candidate.”

The message did not materialize, but Turner ran a good campaign,  and this in itself will help the Green Party in future.



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