Black Joke at Doha

During the Doha Conference the Chairman of the UN International Panel on Climate Change, Dr. R.K. Pachauri, recommended that the deliberations should be grounded in scientific understanding on the risks of climate change.  In his view, each day’s agenda should include a review of elements of climate science.

A brief comment of sorts about the science did occur.  Lord Monckton a British peer and well-known climate change sceptic, installed himself in the seating assigned to the Burmese delegation, and obtained permission from the Chair to address the Conference.  He then spoke for over a minute before the impersonation was discovered. In that minute he told the delegates that there was no such thing as global warming. He added: “If we were to take action, the cost of that would be many times greater than the cost of taking adaptation measures later. So my recommendation is that we should initiate a review of the science to make sure we are all on the right track.”

Lord Monckton may have thought his intervention would be a good joke. It wasn’t, given the immediate demonstration of what global warming can do. Earlier the Philippines delegate told the Conference about the enormous damage – at least 600 people dead, 1,000 missing and displacement of thousands of others – wrought by typhoon Bopha. This deadly typhoon was:

(a)     the most southerly typhoon ever recorded in the western Pacific;

(b)    the strongest to hit the Philippines this year, and

(c)    made landfall after the normal typhoon season

(d)   follows on a devastating typhoon season in 2011.

He asked the delegates to open their eyes to the stark reality that “we” face.  Go to this video of his remarks.

Lord Monckton was booed and heckled by other delegates, escorted from the Conference Hall, banned from further attendances, and left the country.  Good riddance!

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