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On June 21 we published a commentary on the  increase in the use of coal for generation of electricity world wide. Domestically the US has reduced GHG emissions from the burning of coal.  Yet US coal will play its part in the warming of this planet, as the US is on track to becoming the world’s largest exporter of this “dirty” fossil fuel.

Canada’s regulations will prohibit burning of coal in traditional coal fired plants, but these measures will not have an appreciable effect until years down the road. Yet, like the US, Canada exports coal, mostly through the Port of Vancouver. In 2010 Canadian exports to the Pacific Rim increased approximately 22%.

In our Blog of December 17, Not Business as Usual!, we noted that the Vancouver Port Authority proposes to make large capital investments so that it can capture the traffic of US coal to the Pacific Rim.  The right of Ports to make investments to attract business from outside Canada is highly debatable. According to Federal Legislation the national policy for Canadian ports is to be “. . .an effective instrument of support for the achievement of Canadian international trade objectives . . .”. What is the Canadian international trade objective served by this expenditure?

These words are broad, but they do not permit the Port Authority to make a substantial capital investment to attract coal exports from Wyoming coal fields.

We reported on this development in our blog of December 17, when we published our written objections to the proposal of the  Vancouver Port Authority. No wonder BC residents are so opposed to the Port Authority proceeding as if coal was a benign cargo, like a 20’ container.

These concerned citizens deserve the support of all Canadians! Visit our December 17th blog that gives you the information you need to make an effective protest.  This is an issue that we cannot afford to lose.  Now is the time for you to make your voices heard!

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