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We have been in touch with a colleague, John Price, a retired physician and university teacher living near Ipswich, Australia. John has his own website, one of the best on climate change at


Price is motivated – as is For Our Grandchildren – by a concern that if we don’t take action to stop global warming our grandchildren will have to struggle with an inhospitable climate.

Price comments on his welcome page:

“My young grandchildren don’t know this yet. It is a peculiar circumstance of their time and ours, that what we do about the climate problem in the next 10 years or so will count for or against their happiness much more than anything long life could bring.”

The explanations on his site take the most complicated climatic issues and present them in clear and un-technical language.  His site has many pictures and graphs with text explanations of what the graphs show. The site is set up to lead you through all the issues, and you can revert to a previous explanation on another page very easily.

His presentation is fair and objective. He asks the question:  Are scientists in serious disagreement about the climate problem?  He acknowledges that there are certain scientists who do not subscribe to opinions held by the vast majority.  He explains this disparity by emphasizing the important science of climatology, an area of science that has made great progress in the last thirty years. Climatologists are unanimous that the world’s climate is changing, and Greenhouse Gas emissions are the cause of global warming.

Price is a thoughtful narrator of the videos that feature pictures of his grandchildren.  You will be charmed by the grandchildren. These videos are a real feature of this Website.

Price is preparing new resources for kids and teachers and has suggested that we might use this material in our presentations.  In the meantime we will be covering articles that appear on his Website

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