Dear Old Mother Nature!

A top news story from Environment Canada concerned the significant 2012 weather events. Typical in the story were phrases such as “another in the top 10 hottest years spanning 160 years of records”; “the fourth warmest on record [for Canada]”; and for “millions of people in Ontario and Quebec it was the warmest year ever.”

EC used the term “record” a number of times in its story: “broken records”, “near-record numbers” or “ice cover shrinking to a record extent”.

So what relation– in the opinion of Environment Canada – do all these “records” have to Climate Change?

Apparently none: the EC Canada story explains that the culprit is that lady who in other years we learned to love – Mother Nature! The story opening line explained that in 2012 this lady had a theme: going big!

Mother Nature seems to have morphed into a harrdin that her subjects don’t recognize and whose conduct they can’t explain.

It is all part of an Environment Canada policy of restraint in using the words “climate change” in any public statements about weather on its Website.  Such reticence contributes to our lack of understanding of what is at stake as we try to adapt to extreme weather.

The effect of our lack of understanding is that many Canadians are indifferent to or undecided about climate change, or carry on with a customary “stiff upper lip” behaviour.  That way there will be less chance of outcries such as  “What is our Government doing about Climate Change”?

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