Adapting to Climate Change British Style

Complaints about “weird weather” are mounting.  By tradition and character Brits don’t complain about the weather although they talk about it all the time.  The new “normal“ has stressed this national characteristic, and understandably so:  the United Kingdom has suffered droughts in the last several years to be succeeded more recently by intense rainfall causing severe flooding in many parts of the country.

The very heavy rains of 2013 have resulted in high water levels on the rivers, ponds and lakes of the UK.  The levels are still a concern as the  heavy snowfalls that hit the UK this week would trigger a disaster if the weather reverts to the traditional mild winter, as is expected for this weekend. There would be a quick melt of the snow followed by a severe run off that would add to the flooding.

So what is the recommendation of the UK Environment Agency?  How are Brits going to adapt to this new dimension of climate change?  Simple:  all able bodied children are encouraged (not that they may need encouragement) to build an army of snowmen.  Not just any old snowmen, but large monsters made of  heavily compacted snow.  

The advantage:  a snowman of this sort will not melt just because the temperature goes up as anticipated.  So all that snow will remain in a compacted form, the initial melt will be much reduced and the run-off will be strung out. (Canadians are used to seeing green lawns on which stand the recognizable remains of a snow man.)

Now this is a form of adaptation that Grandparents can get behind.  Every Grandparent in the UK should be out there with the grandchildren, doing what can be done to adapt to climate change!   4RG (For Our Grandchildren) supporters in snowy countries the world round are invited to build their own monster snowman and send us a picture of their creation as an email attachment addressed to addressed “Frosty the Snowman – Climate Change fighter”.  We will be glad to put this show of support on our site.

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2 thoughts on “Adapting to Climate Change British Style”

  1. Giant snowmen could be dangerous,a quality that newbies may not recognize. I suppose that Canadians have a long acquaintance with the risks, and so intuitively avoid the excesses of giant snowmen.

    The other lesson is that adaptation to client change does not always work as intended.

  2. As a ‘normal’ Brit in the UK who whinges about the weather I read my husband’s cousin in Canada’s piece about the Brits coping with snow leading to flooding by making giant snowmen which would melt slowly with pleasure. Only problem was the warmer weather forecast was combined with VERY heavy rain which melted all the snowmen immediately……… One of the recent flooding problems is that a lot of houses have been built on flood plains which is a disaster. Incidently there is a piece in the paper today, 28/1,about a teenager who had her pelvis shattered when she was crushed against a wall by a giant snowball rolling down a hill. Maybe giant snowballs aren’t such a good idea after all……….

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