Proud of What?

Alison Redford, the Premier of Alberta, has just returned from her Washington visit where she lobbied US politicians and administrators to approve the Keystone Pipeline. She also wrote a column for USA Today  under the caption: Keystone is responsible oil sands development.  In her column she stated:

“I’m proud to say Alberta applauds and shares the President’s strong desire to address climate change and we’re already taking action.”

She used “proud” in connection with Alberta’s record.  Go to the on line version of her comments and see if proud is a word you would have used.

The Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, is also taking a message to Washington.  He says:

“The message from Canada needs to be about more than the jobs that Keystone represents to the US. It needs to be more than the fiscal impact it can have on states where the Keystone will pass through.  It really needs to be about the record we have in Canada.  And it’s a record we ought to be proud of.  It’s imperfect . . . but it’s a solid one. “

It seems that Wall is proud of our “imperfect” record.   Perhaps like one would be proud of a crayon drawing by a young child.

The Federal Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent,  is also proudRead his  Doha comments about Canada’s international performance.

Proud is an essential word to Conservative politicians.   They are directing their message to Canadians who share their pride.  Read our blog “Proud Canadians”.


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