Write the Premier of Alberta!

We have been requested to circulate a letter to our supporters across Canada that points out the shortfalls of the proposed Alberta Carbon Regime.  The present regime provided for a tax of $12 per ton in excess of specified limits.  The proposed regime increases the tax to $40 and reduces the permissable limits.  But, as the letter points out, that is not enough to do the job.   So we are asking you to copy the text, sign and post the letter.

Alberta and Canada must bring emissions to a level consistent with a global warming target of 2 degrees.


Premier Alison Redford
Office of the Premier  Legislature Building Room 307,
10800-97 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Dear Premier Redford,

As a major fossil fuel producer and one of the world’s wealthiest economies, Alberta bears an enormous responsibility in the fight against climate change. If Alberta doesn’t face the challenge, who will?

Despite the rhetoric, the world is not on course to preserve a stable climate for our children or grandchildren. Fulfilling the modest commitments made in Copenhagen gives us just a 6 percent chance of staying below the crucial 2?C threshold — but more than a one in three chance of warming more than 4?C, something the President of the World Bank has warned would be “devastating” and “risks putting prosperity out of reach of millions of people in the developing world.”

In this context, the plan that Alberta has floated to gradually raise its price on carbon to $40 per tonne and increase the emissions intensity target for big polluters to 40 per cent is wholly inadequate and the provinces efforts to date are far from climate leadership.  The world must transition urgently to a low-carbon economy. Alberta can either lead the way or be caught unprepared as other markets move ahead.

Like all the Provinces of Canada, Alberta can — and must — do more. Even with the 40/40 plan, the average cost to large emitters will be just over half of what they face in neighbouring British Columbia. Polluters will still be allowed to purchase questionable offset credits and pay into a technology fund rather than improve their performance, thus limiting the actual reductions from heavy industry and the oilsands.

Getting ahead of the clean energy curve will require bold leadership, and a much higher price on carbon in addition to other emission reduction measures. The market needs a clear price signal reaching at least $150 per tonne by 2020 to make the large investments needed to drive innovative Alberta emission reduction solutions — and to stop the expansion of high-carbon infrastructure.

We understand the scale of the challenge. We call on you to act, for Canadians and for the world, to meet it.

Your truly,

(Your signature and contact particulars)


Thanks for your help!



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